EasyGlide Oval

SystemRoMedic EasyGlide Oval


The EasyGlide Oval boards were originally designed for repositioning and lateral transfer. However, due to their flexibility and low friction finish on both sides, they have become very popular as an aid for putting on slings, whether in a chair or in bed where the person cannot be turned.


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EasyGlide Oval pair


Product Name Dimensions Part No. Price
EasyGlide Oval 85 x 39cm R5040 POA
EasyGlide Oval (pair) 85 x 39cm R5042 POA


SystemRoMedic EasyGlide Oval Mini


A smaller version of the EasyGlide Oval, the Oval Mini has the same flexibility and low friction surface. These small, convenient boards can be used to assist with repositioning in chairs as they are easy to insert, thus giving a low friction surface which is easier to move on. They can also be used to make the insertion of the leg sections of slings easier or to aid the insertion of the larger EasyGlides.


Product Name Dimensions Part No. Price
EasyGlide Oval Mini (pair) 45 x 20cm R5045 POA


These two products can also be purchased together as a kit, including one pair of EasyGlide Ovals and two pairs of EasyGlide Oval Minis. When used together, the Mini boards can be inserted first to make putting in the large boards easier, particularly when inserting them under someone who is lying.


Product Name Includes Part No. Price
EasyGlide Oval Kit 1 x R5042 & 2 x R5045 R5099KIT POA


EasyGlide Oval Large user manual

EasyGlide Oval Small user manual


Care Ability Easy-Slide Ovals

Easy-Slide Ovals large and small

Easy-Slide Ovals large and small

Similar in size, design and function to the SystemRoMedic Ovals, the Easy-Slides can be used in the same way.

Product Name Description Part No. Price
Easy-slide Oval Pair large CA30 £85
Easy-slide Oval small Pair small CA29 £65
Set 1 x CA30, 2 x CA29 CASET £180