The OneManSling has been designed to allow a single carer to move a person up the bed. This is particularly useful is the bed is situated against a wall or in such a position that the carer cannot access both sides. One end of the OneManSling is attached to the head of the bed, it then passes around the hips of the person to be moved and the carer can then take hold of the handles and in moving towards the head of the bed, the person will move with them.

Two things to note:

i) The sliding sleeve must be positioned under the person’s hips in order that they do not experience any shearing force during the movement.

ii) There must be some form of sliding product under the person, whether that be an in-bed system such as the SatinSheet or a standard nylon slide sheet.


 Product Name  Dimensions  Part No. Price
 OneManSling  7.5 x 300 cm  IM460PU £54.00


OneManSling user manual