Positioning Wedge

Positioning Wedge

Positioning Wedge

The Positioning Wedge will support a person on their side after turning, whether this is as part of a turning regime to aid pressure care or to allow for personal hygiene or wound dressing to take place. This gives the benefits of not having a carer in a static holding position and making it more comfortable for the person.

Positioning Wedge has unequally angled sides allowing it to be turned to offer the most suitable angle.

Works very well in conjunction with in bed systems, particularly SatinSheet where if placed between the draw sheet and the mattress cover it gives very stable support.

Note 1: if using a wedge for support during personal hygiene, the shorter version is recommended – it will offer support from the shoulder to the waist. The longer version tends to be too long for this purpose.

Note 2: due to the high friction cover, care should be taken not to place it directly in contact with the person’s skin, particularly if it is fragile or there are issues with pressure wounds.

Description Dimensions Part Number Price
Positioning Wedge Small 30 x 20 x 53cm IM53NS £68.00
Positioning Wedge Large 30 x 20 x 80cm IM53/80NS £91.00
Cover for Positioning Wedge Small 30 x 20 x 53cm IM5300NS £28.00
Cover for Positioning Wedge Large 30 x 20 x 80cm IM5300/80NS £57.00


Positioning Wedge user manual