One Way Glides

One Way Glides are designed to allow ease of movement in one direction while resisting movement in the other direction. They are suitable for people who have a tendency to slide forward in their chairs. One Way Glides come with two choices of outer material, non-slip and velour. Non-slip can be used on any seat, while velour can only be used on top of a fabric.

One Way Glides also come in two different styles, tubular and open. The open type would be used on a chair with an aperture at the back and the tubular would be used where there is no aperture.

OneWayGlide Tubes NS

OneWayGlide Tubes Non-slip

OneWayGlide Open NS

OneWayGlide Open Non-slip

OneWayGlide Tube Velour

OneWayGlide Tube Velour

OneWayGlide Open Velour

OneWayGlide Open Velour


Product Name Part No. Dimensions Price
OneWayGlide Tube Velour IM45/8  W37 x L43cm  £38.00
OneWayGlide Tube Velour  IM50/8  W42 x L50cm  £51.00
OneWayGlide Tube Non-slip  IM39/8 W37 x L43cm  £32.00
OneWayGlide Tube Non-slip  IM38/8  W45 x L45cm  £35.00
OneWayGlide Tube Non-slip  O4550NT  W50 x L45cm  £58.00
OneWayGlide Tube Non-slip  O5060NT  W60 x L50cm  £62.00
OneWayGlide Tube Non-slip  IM37/8 W80 x L60cm  £88.00
OneWayGlide Open Velour IM33/8 W40 x L130cm £73.00
OneWayGlide Open Velour  IM35/8 W55 x L130cm £84.00
OneWayGlide Open Non-slip  O13040NO  W40 x L130cm  £45.00


Etac OneWayGlide user manual

Etac OneWayGlide Long user manual

Slide Assist user manual