Transfer Boards

A transfer board is intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. The board’s low friction upper surface allows the user to transfer independently or with assistance. Transfer boards are used when transferring between bed and wheelchair / shower chair, between wheelchair / chair / toilet chair or to and from the car.

There are a large number of different boards available on the market. The following selection covers the majority of situations – all the boards are on one page to allow for comparison.


Etac E-Board

E-Board with wings

E-Board with wings

E-Board is a thin and flexible transfer board which allows for easier application and removal. E-Board has a low friction upper surface with high friction sections on the underside to help keep it in place.

E-Board Wings have wings along the sides, which can be bent up or down. This provides more sturdiness and stability, and the upward wing is used to protect against the wheel of the wheelchair. Available in 2 lengths, 60 cm and 75 cm. The 60 cm boards suits the most common transfer situations while the 75cm board is more typically used for car transfers.

E-Board Compact is smaller and lighter. Available in 2 lengths, 60 cm and 45 cm. The 45 cm board is more suitable for active and independet users, while the 60 cm boards suits the most common transfer situations. 

The maximum user weight for all variations of E-Board is 150kg.

Product name Part No. W x L x H cm Price
E-Board, wings M IM404 33 x 60 x 0.5 £93
E-Board, wings L IM405 33 x 75 x 0.6 £106
E-Board, compact S IM410 20 x 45 x 0.5 £77
E-Board, compact M IM408 25 x 60 x 0.5 £89


Etac 3B Board

The 3B Board is a traditional curved “banana” board. The curve can be placed either forward or backward depending on the situation and surrounding obstacles such as the wheel of the wheelchair.

The maximum user weight for the 3B-Board is 150kg.



Etac Butterfly Board

The Butterfly transfer board is a stronger and wider board with cut outs at each end to fit around the wheel of a wheelchair or mobile commode. The ends are tapered for ease of insertion and there is the option to add the Glide Wing which offers a lower friction transfer.

The maximum user weight for the Butterfly Board is 250kg.

Butterfly Board with Glide Wing

Butterfly Board with Glide Wing

Product Name Part No. W x L cm Price
3B Board IM403 23 x 77 £54
Butterfly Board IM401 32 x 66 £222
Glide Wing L IM4001 35 x 40 £23
Glide Wing XL IM4002 35 x 47.5 £28


E Board user manual

3B Board user manual

Butterfly Board user manual