Molift Raiser

The Molift Raiser is a Sit to Stand and Transfer Platform designed to safely activate the user whilst maintaining the best possible ergonomic moving and raiserenvironmentstraphandling conditions for the carer.

The principal function of the Molift Raiser is to act as a Sit to Stand aid which then allows the carer to move the standing person a short distance. Ideal for bed / chair / wheelchair / toilet transfers, particularly where space is limited as this may compromise the working position of the carer.


Please watch the video below, as this will demonstrate how the product and the accessories can be used.

Product features

Operating either brake will lock both wheels simultaneously.

Cushioned knee brace is easily height adjustable with one hand.

The one-piece plastic handle is warmer to the touch than bare metal and is also textured to offer additional grip if hands are damp.


raiser-softhandlesSoft Handles: where the person has limited reach, the soft handle may be attached to the frame to assist in bringing them forward.




raiser-strap-plusRaiser Strap Plus: allows a single carer to assist a person from sitting to standing and offers the person support and security whilst standing on the Molift Raiser. The sliding sleeve on the Raiser Strap Plus reduces the risk of shearing and offers the person even support throughout. Note: this is NOT a lifting tool – this is designed to offer gentle support throughout the sit / stand / sit movement.



Product Part number Price
Molift Raiser 16090201 £571.00
Soft Handles (pair) 82511 £19.00
Raiser Strap Plus S/M 82528 £59.00
Raiser Strap Plus L/XL 82529 £67.00


Molift Raiser user manual