SystemRoMedic ReTurn

The SystemRoMedic ReTurn has five different variants. The principal function of the SystemRoMedic ReTurn is to act as a Sit to Stand aid which then allows the carer to move the standing person a short distance. Ideal for bed / chair / wheelchair / toilet transfers, particularly where space is limited as this may compromise the working position of the carer.

Please watch the video below, as this will demonstrate how the product and the accessories can be used.


Product features
Easily dismantled for transport – carry bag available as an accessory.

Height adjustable knee brace with individual padded knee pads. Knee pads can be adjusted independently. They can be moved sideways easily to suit an individual’s standing posture. They can be rotated to support a leg e.g. for wound dressing.

Individually locking wheels.

Five variants to suit many different user heights and weights.


Product variants

7500 – can be thought of as the standard version. Suitable for most adults. Maximum user weight 150kg (23 st)

7500i – similar to the 7500 but with a gap between the top of the central post and the top of the frame to facilitate attachment of the ReTurnBelt. Suitable for most adults. Maximum user weight 150kg (23 st)

7400 – paediatric version. Suitable for children and small adults due to its lower frame. Maximum user weight 150kg (23 st)

7600 – bariatric version. Suitable for larger / heavier adults. Maximum user weight 205kg (32 st)

7100 – original version – DISCONTINUED

Return 7500

ReTurn 7500

ReTurn 7400

ReTurn 7400

ReTurn 7600

ReTurn 7600


ReTurn variant Price
7500 POA
7500i POA
7400 POA
7600 POA


The most popular accessory by far is the ReTurnBelt. The ReTurnBelt offers the user support and stability during the transfer process, particularly in cases where weight-bearing ability is variable. It can also be used to assist during sit to stand and is an excellent aid during gait training.

The ReTurnBelt comes in three different materials (standard, wipe clean and patient specific) and in a variety of sizes as detailed below. All belts have a SWL of 205kg

Product Name Standard Price Wipe Clean Price Patient Specific (pack of 5) Price Size
ReTurnBelt XXS R6031 POA 65-80cm
ReTurnBelt XS R6032 POA 80-90cm
ReTurnBelt S R6033 POA R6133 POA R6233 POA 90-105cm
ReTurnBelt M R6034 POA R6134 POA R6234 POA 105-125cm
ReTurnBelt L R6035 POA R6135 POA R6235 POA 125-145cm
ReTurnBelt XL R6036 POA R6136 POA R6236 POA 135-155cm
ReTurnBelt XXL R6037 POA 155-175cm
ReTurnBelt XXXL R6038 POA 175-195cm


ReTurn 7400 7500 user manual

ReTurn 7600 user manual

ReTurnBelt user manual