The 4WayGlide is an ultra low friction in-bed positioning system, designed particularly for those requiring assistance in moving and turning in bed. In general terms the 4WayGlide system tends to be used in more complex scenarios than the SatinSheet system.

This is a two part system consisting of a Nylon Sheet (mattress cover) and a Glide Mattress (draw sheet). While there are a number of variations of each available, I have only featured the most commonly used.

Part number Description Price
IM4309 4WayGlide Standard Set (includes IM85/200LPLNS + IM140/200LPL) £353.00


Mattress Cover (Nylon Sheet)

It should be noted that unlike the SatinSheet system, the 4WayGlide mattress covers cannot be used independently and must be used in conjunction with an appropriate draw sheet (Glide Mattress or TwinSheet4Glide).

Designed for a standard 90cm or 3 foot bed, the Mattress Cover (Nylon Sheet) consists of an ultra low friction nylon sheet with a non-slip strip at each side and a removable panel which reveals a non-slip or locking section in the central area under the hips. This will prevent the person from sliding down the bed when sitting up. The Mattress Cover is attached to the mattress by means of an elasticated strap at each corner, making it suitable for all types of mattress.

Part number Description Dimensions Price
IM85/200LPLNS 4WayGlide Nylon Sheet with NS lock, NS sides 85 x 200cm £138.00



4WayGlide System Grey locking panel visible

4WayGlide System
Grey locking panel visible

 Draw Sheet (Glide Mattress)

The Glide Mattress has an ultra low friction underside and a padded cotton top. The padding offers additional comfort to the person lying on the Glide Mattress, making it feel similar to a sleeping bag type of material. Due to the fact that this padding can make gripping the Glide Mattress more difficult, 4 pairs of handles have been added along each side to aid the carer. Also, the handles (usually the top two on one side or the other) can be attached to a hoist and the person can be turned using the hoist, rather than physical effort.

Note: this is not a lifting device, but may be used with a hoist for turning purposes only.

Part number Description Dimensions Price
IM140/200LPL 4WayGlide Mattress, cotton/polyester 140 x 200cm £213.00




The most popular variation is the 4WayGlide Maxi. This is designed for a heavier person in a bariatric (120cm or 4 foot) bed. Not only are both the Nylon Sheet and the Glide Mattress wider, but the Glide Mattress has been reinforced to give a maximum user weight of 300kg (approx 47st).

 Part number  Description  Dimensions Price
 IM180/200LPL  4WayGlide Maxi Mattress, cotton/polyester  180 x 200cm £358.00
 IM110/200LPLNS  4WayGlide Maxi Nylon Sheet with NS lock, NS sides  110 x 200cm £145.00


Mattress Cover (Nylon Sheet)

While in most cases the non-slip section under the hips will hold a person in position, sometimes greater control is required. The 3 Lock Nylon Sheet has 3 removable panels providing non-slip sections under the head and shoulders / hips / lower legs and feet. These panels can be removed in any combination, depending on the client. While this offers greater flexibility, the panels are hinged at the side and thus must be passed under the person to remove / replace them.

Part number Description Dimensions Price
IM85/2003LPLNS 4WayGlide Nylon Sheet 3 x NS lock, NS sides 85 x 200cm £191.00

There is also the option of purchasing a set including the 3 Lock Nylon Sheet

Part number Description Price
IM4300 4WayGlide 3-Lock Set (includes IM85/2003LPLNS + IM140/200LPL) £405.00


Draw Sheet (Glide Mattress)

Available in both Standard and Maxi sizes, the Glide Mattress is available in a Polyurethane finish. This offers a wipe clean surface, and while not fully waterproof, offers a much less absorbent surface than the cotton. However, care must be taken in cases where temperature management or sweating is a concern.

Part number Description Dimensions Price
 IM140/200LPLG  4WayGlide Mattress, polyurethane  140 x 200cm £232.00
 IM180/200GLPL  4WayGlide Maxi Mattress, polyurethane  180 x 200cm £398.00


4WayGlide user manual


Incontinence Protection

The TwinSheet4Glide incontinence protection products can be used with the 4WayGlide system. Please click on the image below for further information.