HDP Sheets

The new patient specific in-bed system from PolyWeave.

The PolyWeave HDP in-bed Turning and Positioning System has been designed specifically for use in the Acute Care environment, addressing the issues of:

Moving and Handling – for patients requiring turning or repositioning in bed, the effort required by nursing staff is greatly reduced.

Tissue Viability – in-situ systems have been shown to aid in the treatment / prevention of pressure wounds due to the reduction of friction and shear along with less direct handling.

Infection Control – HDP sheets are patient specific and thus are disposed of at the end of the patient’s stay in hospital.




HDP Sheets are available in two sizes to fit either a standard (3 foot or 90cm) hospital bed or a Bariatric (4 foot or 120cm) bed. Spare draw sheets can be purchased separately.

Part Number Description Notes Price
H2520200 HDP Set for standard bed (includes mattress cover and draw sheet) Box of 5 sets £220.00
H2520201 HDP standard draw sheet Box of 5 £120.00
H2520210 HDP Set for bariatric bed (includes mattress cover and draw sheet) Box of 5 sets £300.00
H2520211 HDP bariatric draw sheet Box of 5 £165.00