WendyLett is an in-situ sliding sheet system designed for use by people with widely varying degrees of ability. Their function is to assist people to turn and change position in bed with greater ease, either independently (commonly just using a mattress cover) or with assistance (using mattress cover and drawsheet combined).



There are essentially two major parts to the system which I will now clarify.

Mattress Covers (WendyLett)

WendyLett is a cotton sheet with a low friction sliding panel in the centre. The person lies directly on the satin panel, as this cuts down on the friction between bedding and nightwear making independent movement and turning easier. There are 2 different styles of mattress cover: flat sheet and fitted.

Rather confusingly, all the WendyLett mattress covers are called WendyLett. Draw sheets are described as either WendyLett 2Way or WendyLett 4Way.

While the fitted sheets are designed specifically for a standard 3 foot (90cm) mattress (there is air hose access at each corner allowing them to be used with air mattresses), the flat sheets come in a variety of widths and lengths as shown in the table below.

Part No. W x L cm Sliding Width cm Flat/Fitted Single Bariatric Double Large Double Price
R1629 200 x 100 60 Flat POA
R1634 200 x 140 60 Flat POA
R1639 200 x 200 70 Flat POA
R1667 220 x 100 100 Flat POA
R1668 220 x 140 100 Flat POA
R1669 220 x 200 100 Flat POA
R1641 90 x 200 70 Fitted POA
R1651 105 x 200 80 Fitted Large POA
R1661 120 x 200 95 Fitted POA
R1671 140 x 200 110 Fitted POA
R1681 370 x 200 70 Flat  POA

The sheet you choose will depend upon your individual circumstances and while I appreciate that every case is different, I will give a general idea as to the typical usage for each.

R1681 – where a couple are still sharing a double bed and one of them has difficulty turning. May be used on its own or in conjunction with a draw sheet depending on the situation. The sliding panel is in the centre, but due to the large width of the sheet this can be positioned on the required side of the bed with sufficient material left to tuck in on either side.

R1667, R1668, R1669, R1671, R1681 – for a single user occupying the centre of a standard double bed.

R1667, R1668, R1669, R1661 – for use on a 4 foot bariatric bed

R1639 & R1641 – for use on any bed requiring a standard single (3 foot or 90 cm) mattress. Most commonly used in conjunction with a draw sheet.

R1634 – again for single bed use. In this case, could be used by a child or small adult or where the individual has strong legs but upper body weakness. May be used on its own or in conjunction with a draw sheet depending on the situation.

R1629 – single bed use, most commonly used in paediatric cases or where there is specific localised difficulty in movement e.g. expectant mothers.



Mini, Midi and Maxi lengths


Where the person requires assistance in moving or turning, a draw sheet should be used. Please note that the WendyLett draw sheets must be used on top of a WendyLett base sheet – they will not function independently.


Draw Sheets (2Way and 4Way)

A draw sheet is placed on top of the mattress cover and the person to be moved lies on top of the draw sheet. By pulling on the draw sheet, a carer may move the person or assist them to turn.

There are two distinct types of draw sheet:


This cotton sheet has been designed to promote side to side movement on the bed, but will resist movement up and down the bed. Available in two different lengths, the Mini (100cm long, part no. R1631) and the Midi (140cm long, part no. R1636) are both 200cm wide. The sheets are white with a horizontal grey stripe indicating the direction of movement.


This is a cotton sheet with a satin underside to allow easier movement both side to side and up and down the bed. Available in two different lengths, the Midi (140cm long, part no. R1637) and the Maxi (200cm long, part no. R1647) are both 200cm wide.

There are two other versions of the Midi length WendyLett4Way available. The R1652 is 260cm wide compared to the standard 200cm, allowing it to be used easily with wider beds. The R1657 is 190cm wide and has handles along each side which can be attached to a hoist to assist with turning – Note: this product is designed for turning and NOT lifting, therefore only one side of the sheet should be attached to the hoist at any one time.

All WendyLett4Way sheets have a checked pattern to indicate that there is movement both up and down and side to side.

Product name Part No. W x L cm Movement Price
WendyLett2Way Mini R1631 200 x 100 2 Way POA
WendyLett2Way Midi R1636 200 x 140 2 Way POA
WendyLett4Way Midi R1637 200 x 140 4 Way POA
WendyLett4Way Maxi R1647 200 x 200 4 Way POA
WendyLett4Way extra width R1652 260 x 140 4 Way POA
WendyLett4Way with handles R1657 190 x 140 4 Way POA


WendyLett user manual